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“SEO Spring Training: Quality Education For All Levels”

• Welcome to SEO Fight Club! We’re just doing Q&A and covering topics like last week’s conference.

• Terry is going to give us the rundown on SEO Spring Training: it’s meant for teaching people of all levels of this industry, with quality speakers and roamers to answer questions that come up throughout the event.

• The VIPs will get special access to masterminds and Elizabeth & Terry are looking into adding an after-event day mastermind similar as Rockstar events did with Brian Cato.

• Additionally, there will be child care provided for single parents who want or need to bring their children and spouse activities so spouses don’t have to sit around not knowing what’s happening at the conference! They even have plans in place for pet sitting services

– specifically dogs & cats.


“Stealth SEO: Staying Ahead Of The Curve In An Evolving Digital Landscape”

– I strive to create an event that provides value and excites attendees for future events.

– The speakers are hugely important to me and must be involved, not just driving in and out.

– There was lots of interest in speaking at the event

– 82 people wanted to!

– Networking is a key element of the event, as it’s often more valuable than the presentations themselves.

– Clint Butler will be emceeing this event, introducing all the speakers while also being available himself.

– Speakers from around the world including Australia and Canada have been invited so attendees can meet them in person.

– My topic focuses on stealth SEO

– hiding your SEO from tools and competitors but not breaking any rules with search engines.


“Secrets To Keeping Content Out Of Sight”

-I’m going to present a case about how to keep content hidden from tools and other SEOs.

-The talk will not be live streamed or recorded for sale, though speakers may opt to share their own recordings afterwards.

-I am only discussing this topic once, so if you’re interested you have to attend the conference.

-Networking is an incredibly valuable aspect of conferences and can provide lots of business opportunities even when it comes tax write offs.

-Google recommends using a dot instead of commas in number formats due to incompatibility with European locales. Handling such issues isn’t complicated computer science but rather basics that students learn about early on in CS programs.


“Google’s Engineering Lazy River”

– I saw an example of Google’s engineering laziness in their inability to handle European number formats.

This is a diagnostic of the quality of their work and has been seen before.

– Their poor problem solving and lack of code reviews are indicative issues that need to be addressed in order for them to make meaningful progress.

– It seems as if this issue may very well pervade throughout different parts of their coding, meaning it could be causing compounding problems for Google engineers.

– If they were able to eliminate spam from their primary index, they would see significant scalability improvements because 40% of the data flooding the primary index is spam network related.


“The Dark Side Of The Web: The Spam Network”

– I’m exploring the world of “spam Network” and have discovered it’s been around since 201-

– People say Google is too smart to be suffering from this, but if that were true there should be examples fixed by now.

– Don’t click any links related to these networks as some will ransom your computer.

– It is an internet wide issue with Terry Power behind the “dot it” network and content will route you to pornographic, affiliate, virus download sites etc…

– There are over a quarter of a million domains in this network so unless you’re prepared for Google mass submitting forms, nothing can get done without help from Google itself.

– A former news story revealed no titles for thousands of results was actually due to this spam network but after 4 days it all came back again making obvious Google’s knowledge on the matter yet they are not doing anything about it.


“A Journey Of SEO Optimization: Exploring Risks And Benefits”

-I recently researched a keyword to determine the SEO steps for optimizing it.

-We discussed exact match keywords, LSI, and keyword stuffing in H2s, H3s and H4s.

-Leon asked whether there were any security risks associated with crawling sites using browser automation like Cora; I explained that although there are vulnerabilities with software (especially browser software), Cora keeps Chrome updated and runs Incognito mode so it’s safer than running your own local browser.

-We also talked about Stealth SEO but decided to save this conversation for later.

-Finally, we concluded by scanning some bottom URLs where we found nothing of interest.

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