SEO Fight Club – Episode 166 – Helpful Content Update

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“Indexing Content: The Latest Google Update”

– I recently took part in a episode of SEO Fight Club discussing the latest Google update.

– Google said it would take weeks and months before seeing an impact, however there are some changes people can look at.

– Carolyn shared her research over the past year with indexing content that has led to more confidence for developers when using this process.

– People can learn more about how to index their webpages from watching YouTube shorts or listening to the podcast Confessions of an SEO Sponsor.

– If interested, individuals have the option to help fund Carolyn’s research through sponsorships, which start as low as $4.99 per month.


“Objective Truth: Many Voices, One Consensus”

– I strongly recommend supporting the website Clint is bringing back as it provides valuable data and answers to questions.

Clint’s approach is very tactical and over-the-shoulder so if you’re looking for exact how-tos then this website will be really useful.

Rather than using the word ‘proof’ when discussing scientific facts, we should use objectively true meaning that when multiple people take measurements in their own way, they get consistent results.

When something becomes reliably reproducible, it can be considered a fact or truth

– 25 other people doing it with similar results has significance.


“Exploring SEO Tactics – The Journey Of A Thousand Tests”

– When testing a tactic in SEO, I found that 24/25 tests were successful with improved rankings, but one failed

– The success rate of 96% is good enough for NASA to scrub the mission and often worth taking the risk

– Results vary because people may not be using the right keywords or tactics correctly

– Through testing, we’ve amassed a lot of data on how SEO factors perform across hundreds and thousands of keywords over years


“The Ever-Changing SEO Puzzle”

– SEO in today’s world comes with massive quarterly updates which can be difficult to stay ahead of.

– Lee, myself and others have tested different tactics when it comes to SEO, but none of us do the exact same thing since our biases come into play.

– We understand that certain tactics tend to yield good outcomes and they’ve become our objective truths.

– Google claims can often outweigh evidence presented by reputable groups within the industry, creating a lot of issues for digital marketers trying to keep their strategies up to date.

– Looking at data from August 1st and August 30th shows changes between these two dates likely caused by something Google did, giving clues as to how the search engine runs now.


“Adapting To The Authority Shift”

-The diversity, authority and relevancy factors are all important when looking at how successful a website or page is.

-We’ve seen minor shifts in the weighting of these categories.

-It looks like authority went up a bit while relevancy slightly decreased.

-When I assess “calibration keywords” that I’m familiar with, some people experienced downward movement as exact match keywords became less weighted than others.

-I believe this was due to an overreliance on exact match keywords and not tuning other areas properly enough.

-Overall, it’s important to be able to understand what types of changes can affect your success rate and adjust accordingly.


“The Impact Of Algorithm Updates On Ranking”

– I recently analyzed the effects of an algorithm update on pages with a lot of backlinks and authority, which saw a jump in their ranking.

– It likely wasn’t because they changed the content either; it was probably just luck that they benefited from the bump in off page factors.

– To further understand this niche, I did some research to see whether any websites had strengths or weaknesses when ranking for certain keywords.

– What I found is that sites seem to be demoted for exact match; however, Google often undoes these changes so it’s wise not to act yet unless it stays consistent over time.

– Additionally, larger websites with more content are at risk of being affected by this update as it calculates an overall score based on all of the website’s pages

– whereas smaller sites may be immune due most likely having fewer pages that would even qualify for analysis..

– Ultimately what I know from my own websites is that all the same tactics still work such as tuning Laura mipsum for SEO and stealthing hidden divs among other techniques

– as long as there are no factor deficits making sure everything is tuned well will always result in successful results and rankings.

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