SEO Fight Club – Episode 153 – Crashing an Image SEO Contest

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“The Battle For SEO Supremacy: A 24-Hour Competition”

-Recently I was part of a really cool competition involving Terry Power, Honey Witcher and Craig Campbell.

-The challenge had no rules except for what needed to be done in order to win.

-However, it was limited by the 24 hour time span which meant that those who had prepared ahead would have the advantage.

-Lee reached out to me as we figured this would be more fun than whatever he was doing at that moment in time!

-We brainstormed ideas on how to win this contest and ultimately Craig came out on top, though at great cost.

-It got me thinking about what fundamentals bring to the table with regards to SEO success when you are up against tight deadlines.

-Unfortunately our friend Carolyn hasn’t returned yet and there is still no estimated timeframe of her return so until then we hope and pray she comes back soon due to how much we enjoyed her show!


“The King Of Image SEO Crowned In A 24-Hour Challenge”

– I was asked to rank and Google image for the term “Image SEO King” within 24 hours.

– Lee suggested buying the exact match domain name, so we went ahead with that strategy.

– I created a bunch of images with the exact match domain and got it indexed quickly.

– We also released a press release with our image on it about this challenge.

– We used Press Advantage as our service to distribute our press release.

– Mad She used Magic PR as her service in the contest which ultimately ended up winning her the challenge.


“Reaching New Heights: Leveraging Quick-Indexing Platforms For Maximum Visibility”

– I decided to forgo a press release and instead used properties that indexed quickly, such as Google News and


– I created an article on one of the sites with the website image, and then tweeted it out across the web

– To add further disruption to see what would work in 24 hours, I collaborated with another competitor

– Through various methods employed, several images from Teres and Honeys were appearing on Google Image Search pages


“Competing For SEO Supremacy”

-I was in the top spot of a press release contest and another player, Craig Campbell, was catching up.

-My YouTube channel was poppin’, so we decided to create more Youtube videos as a new strategy.

-We poked fun at our competition with our first video “SEO Image SEO King: How Do You Like Me Now?”.

-Craig continued his Youtube boosting which caused me to drop down to third place, while Madge stayed on top.

-Contests tend to be more interesting when they’re longer because you can learn evergreen stuff but shorter duration contests are also useful for newsjacking or piggybacking onto interests that already exist.


24 Hours To SEO Success – An Unexpected Tale

– I recently experimented with a 24 hour SEO challenge, and discovered tactics to help get my website crawled, indexed, and ranking in Google Images.

– An important takeaway from this experience is that it’s possible to show clients quick results when getting started with SEO services.

– Unfortunately, my successful experiment also led to an automated update on a competitor’s business profile page that removed their URL in favor of mine.

– Even though it was not intentional on my part, the incident served as an important reminder to always read the text within automated emails or notifications before taking any action.


“Gone In 24 Hours: Protecting Your Brand From Google’s Automated Takeover”

– I recently learned an important lesson about claiming my brand name: if you have a brand, claim it!

– It is possible for someone to take over your business profile with no interaction from you.

– This could happen in as little as 24 hours if the proper systems are set up on Google’s end.

– I personally think this automated system created by Google is dangerous and can be used maliciously.

– Local guides and advocates on Google level 10 can go around changing website URLs without any recourse from the business owners currently.

– There are people charging fees to monitor businesses’ maps and check them for suspension risk

– this worries me even more.

– Although most of the time these automated changes are correct and advantageous, there will always be false positives due to mistakes or malicious intent.

– All in all, I dislike what this map system has become because Google has put a structure into place that allows injustice and won’t change it due to their own self interest.

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