SEO Fight Club – Episode 172 – Keyword Research

“SEO Fight Club: Join the Debate for Powerful Insights”

– SEO Fight Club is hosting another episode on the topic of keyword research, highlighting the diversity in approaches and answers among the SEO community.

– Our guest today is Carolyn with her podcast “Confessions of an SEO” and she’s looking for sponsorships starting at a cup of coffee per month!

– Clint will be coming back to “Monday Morning 10 A.M Arizona Time” with his show using an AMA format allowing viewers to take over and ask whatever they like.

– His show has historically been very tactical, so this change in format is sure to provide powerful information from his vast knowledge base. Show your support by subscribing and showing up to watch!


“Lightning Rod of SEO: Clinton’s Tested Training”

– I’m very excited to be bringing back the show with Clinton, a lightning rod in the storm of SEL.

– He puts data and truth out there, which triggers people.

-Clinton has Enterprise caliber SEO knowledge and experience.

-I highly recommend Tested SEO Training for those wanting to become problem solvers when it comes to SEO.

-The training takes 8 weeks and each lesson includes homework that you do on your website.

-The testimonials page is worth checking out as many experienced SEOs have gotten great results from taking the course.

-Lee presents his information in such a way that it’s not spoon fed but encourages problem solving skills when doing SEO


“Masterminds of SEO: Unlocking Greatness”

-This course is not for those lacking imagination or problem-solving skills; it’s designed to bring people up to a level of greatness.

-Clint and other experienced SEOs are repeatedly taking this course because they pick up new things each time since the group is different, conversations vary.

-Upon completion of the course, members join the Mastermind Group where tools and ideas that even Lee hasn’t thought of are shared.

-Lee has warned “no noobs” as he won’t let anyone who thinks they know everything in; all progress depends on testing what he teaches them.

-A public service announcement was warranted due to current events, which pointed out an anomaly in referring domains after Google’s helpful content update.


“Mind the Lever: Preparing for Google’s Next Page Rank Update”

– Up until recently, off-page signals were a helpful metric to indicate the order of Google search result rankings.

– After the most recent “Helpful Content Update” by Google, this predictive factor has gone away.

– I have a theory that Google is strategically playing meta game and weakening page rank or turning it off in order to increase their ad revenue for Q-

– Graphs are showing the possibility of page rank increasing in mid November (November Cooler update) or just before Black Friday.

– Small and medium businesses may be drastically affected if this lever is pulled by Google as all competitors will become more equal with authority.

– If we can anticipate when and how Google will pull this lever, there may be time for an SEO response or adjustment prior to Black Friday spending surge.

– We need to remain vigilant and mindful of what strategies we implement now knowing that page rank could become even more powerful in the near future


“From Link Building to Keyword Research: Strategies for Black Friday Success”

– Currently, the power of off page signals has been devalued algorithmically.

– Link building is still important, but be careful not to get into spam tactics.

– Press releases before Black Friday can be a great time for link building if one speculates correctly about how the market will behave.

– The purpose of keyword research is worth pursuing and assessing how much effort it would take to rank as well as what keywords should be included on a page.


Harnessing SEO Success with Keyword Research and Topical Relevance

– I’m looking into keyword research and topical relevance in order to boost my SEO success.

– I want to evaluate the worth of pursuing a certain keyword by multiplying its search volume with its CPC (Cost Per Click) value.

– I need to make sure that all pages on my website are firing on all cylinders in order for me to secure bigger opportunities.

– It may not be worth it if ranking number one for an affiliate term gives you only a fraction of its total 317 dollars monthly revenue value.

– There will often be 6 or more other SEOs competing for the same page, with larger sites than yours.