SEO Fight Club – Episode 154 – Just Talking About SEO

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“SEO: Keeping Up With The Volatility”

– Today I am talking about the current climate of SEO and how news sources are constantly reporting updates.

– There is always some level of SEO volatility, so these reports on updates may not be accurate.

– Google is announcing the major changes, while small changes can be seen in the SEO volatility tool.

– I shared my opinion that rank trackers may produce false rates of volatility due to technical issues.

– My colleague Lee discussed experiencing drops in positions without seeing any change in their tracking data while Carolyn explained what she’s observed regarding Google Bots and Semrush reader levels.


“Google’s SEO Labor Division: Flushing The Cache For Fresh Data”

– I have noticed recently that Google has been making changes to the Search Console, which could be causing volatility.

– One possible reason for this is that Google may be sending out extra bots to recrawl and render data quickly, resulting in position movements up or down on SERPs.

– I have some ‘canary’ sites which show me any potential changes in optimization – these often cause massive bounces before returning back up again.

– It seems likely that Google is using a division of labor as part of their new rules around SEO, meaning they need to flush the cache and repopulate it with fresh data more regularly than usual.


“Boost Performance, Not Rankings: Core Web Vitals For Conversion Optimization”

– Core web vitals is a good tool for conversion optimization and to monitor performance across multiple devices.

From an SEO perspective, it won’t do much for the site unless there are basic usability issues to fix.

Initial research on core web vitals found that it didn’t have any significant impact from an organic ranking standpoint.

Google is making changes to core web vitals, but there’s still no evidence that it will make a meaningful difference in rankings.

Prioritize having a fast website over obsessing about scores, as domain level ranking factors don’t exist.

Two easy steps you can take first before investing time or money: eliminate the hero image and page loading animation if present.

Try testing different themes in WordPress to get good scores quickly without spending money on it.


“Rankings Alone Won’t Secure Quality Clients: Focus On SEO With Intent”

– I have experience in SEO and can confidently say that ranking well for “SEO plus city” terms are not the best way to get good clients.

– Instead, focus on achieving results for your clients and building a referral network so you can secure the best clientele.

– Keyword research and understanding user intent should be paramount when working on an SEO project

– it is more important than simply rankings.

– Even if you rank well for key terms, it doesn’t guarantee leads; focusing too much energy into this type of work could be counterintuitive with no positive ROI.


“An SEO Expert’s Guide To Balancing Personal Websites And Client Projects”

– I understand the importance of having a solid SEO website, but it should primarily function as a business card rather than an investment piece.

– A survey found that mid-level white hat SEOs believe ranking your own site is important to prove you are a good SEO.

– However, if too much time and resources are spent on the personal website instead of client websites, it will put your reputation at risk.

– To demonstrate my skills without taking away from clients’ projects, I have used case studies and optimization of free high authority websites with positive results.

– Additionally, when faced with uncooperative leads for seo work, blocking them without saying anything can also be effective!


“Targeting The Right User Intent: Leveraging Niche Knowledge For SEO Success”

– As an SEO consultant, I never needed a lot of leads to run my business.

– There are competitors running PPC ads that drive costs up and have low cost delivery options such as E-brands from India.

– To get SEO leads from PPC can be expensive unless you find the right keywords with less competition for your business niche and do research to figure it out.

– Niche down agencies tend to better understand their customers because they focus on one industry and can leverage this advantage in content marketing and keyword research to help them find the right user intent.

– Being able to conduct interviews is useful not just for the perspective of centers but also users seeking services in the same niche which helps with building knowledge about their industry area which will translate into finding & targeting correct user intent at end of day for proper SEO approach using content marketing techniques & keyword research strategies .

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