SEO Fight Club – Episode 159 – More SEO News and Q & A

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“Ready To Rumble: A Journey Through Mobile First Indexing With Carolyn And Clint”

– Hello everyone

– Welcome to another episode of SEO Fight Club!

– I’m on the road with a new laptop, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.

– We’ll talk about some stories today and answer questions from YouTube chat.

– Carolyn is enjoying the mobile first indexing test more than she thought she would and has seen good results from optimizing for keywords there.

– She suggests following the on page optimization until it no longer works.

– Carolyn is detecting Google updates by looking at Google bots and Clint had been doing a similar thing, but his method stopped working for a while.


“Searching For Answers: Exploring White Hat SEO With Confessions Of An SEO”

– I recently heard about the update to Clint’s podcast, Confessions of an SEO which took over page one.

– If you find the video titled “Confessions of the Black Cat SEO” it is hilarious and a great way to learn more about white hat SEO.

– I’m glad that John Mueller has taken a step back from providing direct SEO advice as part of his office hours.

– Instead, Google i o videos and podcasts with Gary Martin are better ways to get information on how search works without having bad questions lead to bad answers.


Uncovering The Reality Of Search Engine Interactions.

-I recently heard about a new format for webmaster interactions with search engines.

-This format provides them with common frequently asked questions and helps to save time from testing and investigating.

-Google will not play favorites by favoring certain keywords, but can provide basic advice to help get a website in the door.

-In SEO groups, people tend to ask the same questions over and over again which leads me to believe that Google doesn’t have an intention of being good at helping websites rank competitively.

– Additionally, if Google labels something as SEO when it is really not what they are doing or good at, it comes off as disingenuous and misleading.


“Unveiling The Secrets Of SEO Fight Club”

-I understand that people are lazy and want everything handed to them, but I think we should still try and look for answers independently.

-Most of the questions directed at John Mueller in SEO Fight Club can be answered by going back and watching previous shows or digesting the information from expensive courses.

-John Mueller’s role is to explain how search works, not to give advice on rankings—that is an SEO professional’s job.

-John has a few close relationships where he does help out with their websites, but generally he doesn’t participate in SEO questions because it isn’t his purpose.

-We rarely get any real insight into Google’s algorithm as John usually speaks more generally about searches; however, if something matching empirical testing appears we should pay attention.

-Ultimately I think John gets tired answering basic meaningless questions so he focuses on podcasts with other knowledgeable people who have fun discussing topics rather than getting frustrated and bashed over dumb queries.


“John Mueller’s Technical Public Service”

– I believe that John Mueller’s purpose for doing the SEO Office Hours is to technically help people get properly configured and findable.

– He gives suggestions such as focusing on quality in order to be a winner in search results.

– Everyone wants to hear specific advice on how to rank higher, but he doesn’t provide this type of service because it would lead him getting fired.

– Frequently talking about technical issues which could affect ranking can also be considered SE0 advice.

– Switching from weekly sessions to monthly will reduce numbers for viewers hoping to gain advice from his services.

– It is important that Google does not put the wrong packaging by labeling these services as “SEO Advice” when they are not intended for this purpose.

– The videos, podcasts and speaking about how search works should continue being available, as it provides a valuable “public service”.


“Climbing The SEO Ladder: 2101 Optimization Possibilities”

– SEO does not necessarily mean optimizing to rank higher, it means optimizing to get in the search engine.

– Corey gives a redux of 2100 possibilities for optimization.

– John Mueller and Google suggest to focus on getting into the search engine as opposed to ranking higher.

– Web design and development need to be paired with SEO in order for success on Google.

– Search Engine Optimization implies activities that help you climb rankings.

– John Mueller’s advice is focused on getting you in the game rather than helping you climb up the ladder.

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