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“Exploring The Current State Of Google: Dot It Spam Network Alert!”

– Today I wanted to conduct a field observation show on the current state of Google and see what stands out in the search results.

– The primary index allocation has drifted smaller yet again, down from 160 to 153 results for a keyword.

– Star ratings are still present and you can get stars with just one vote.

– Phone numbers are appearing both in title text as well as summary text of search result which could potentially be an extra powerful Geo signal location indicator.

– Be aware of Dot It Spam Network links!


“Yoga Pants And The Unwinnable SEO Battle”

– I researched keyword results for a single keyword and found that out of 158 results, 20-30 were spam.

– Google’s web spam updates have been abysmal and don’t appear to get rid of the worst forms of spam in the search engine index.

– It looks like they are moving things around in their primary index allocation so it is unclear what this means.

– It appears that tables might be used as a way to display CRO information if done correctly, similar to numbered headings.

– Even ads now showcase keyword density

– an indication that it is still alive as an SEO tactic!

– Finally, after all my research efforts, I can never seem to rank for “yoga pants”

– too expensive these days!


“The Image Of SEO: Understanding The Role Of Images In Rankings”

– I recently investigated why I couldn’t rank for one keyword, and learned that it was because of images playing a part in the rankings.

– I now know that if you can get into the top 100 with just on page SEO then you are a better SEO than me!

– With certain Ecom keywords, images play a massive role and neglecting this is likely a big mistake.

– Shopping results appear more blended in search results than what they used to be

– there’s an infinite scroll mix between shopping results and organic ones.

– Headings such as H2s can be used to force content into summary text.

– Google is sniping from merchant center feeds which suggests how important data completeness is for them.

– When blending in shopping feed results with infinite scroll, primary index size falls down to 112 when looking at shopping keywords.


“Level The Playing Field: How Small Businesses Can Compete With Big Ones In SEO And CRO”

– Cro and SEO are both important for optimizing a business’s performance.

– Search algorithms have changed, making organic web search results only one piece of the blended content found in Google searches.

– Shopping keywords now have much fewer results due to the merging of ads and actual search results.

– It is possible for small businesses to compete with larger ones despite their different levels of resources; Two Sons Plumbing is an example of this feat being achieved.


“Get To The Top Of The Rankings With Professional SEO”

– Professional SEO helped this website get to the top of the rankings.

Trust icons, green check marks and bright yellow stars are powerful visual cues that could increase click-through rates if used strategically.

Search engine algorithms consider many elements like trust and keyword optimization for a successful ranking, especially with close returns.

When searching for local business, completeness of profile is key–categories, switches and settings within a company’s digital profile can determine if it will appear in search results or not.

Engagement with the result may also influence its ranking

– so pay attention to reviews!


“Uncovering The Impact Of Local Shared Data On SEO Rankings”

-I recently discovered that keyword and business profile switches can trigger sorts and filters in Google Business profiles.

-The number of maps factors used for local shared data is rising quickly, making it the top factor.

-November data is too new to accurately take into account for SEO rankings, so using a rolling current month approach should be taken with caution.

-My experience working with different off page data has shown me that freshness of backlink data matters as it correlates more accurately than older sources.

-Adbot crawler activity has increased since the Spam Update

– possibly due to compliance needs

– but I’m not sure if this affects their crawl budget.

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