SEO Fight Club – Episode 163 – SEO Checklists

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“The Controversy, The Checklist, And The Course: A Guide To SEO In 2021”

– I am joining you today to discuss two topics: an SEO Checklist and the Google Search Console URL Parameter Tool.

– We will be largely discussing the copyright controversy between Chris Palmer and Olga, which surrounds text that was allegedly copied.

– I want to step away from the drama of this situation and talk about my personal feelings on SEO checklists in general.

– Clint has wanted to talk about what’s new in SEO this week

– he is looking to play around with things and address new people through his channel.

– Lee is starting his course tomorrow, if anyone’s interested they should skype him today

– it’s one of the best SEO training programs out there!


“Unethical Stealing, The Consequences And What We Can Learn”

– I recently heard about a dispute between Olga Andriukova and Chris Palmer.

– Olga claims Chris used her SEO checklist, which she had created and published herself, to create his own book on Amazon.

– This caused an uproar among the SEO community who felt that this was unethical behavior.

– Within 24 hours of the initial complaint, all of Chris’ hard work establishing trust with his market and selling courses was reversed.

– We need to consider why it couldn’t just be resolved by having him take down the book instead of completely trashing all his work?

– The situation has been discussed in many different online communities such as Facebook groups, Twitter threads, Masterminder groups etc.

– All parties involved should learn from this experience so that similar issues do not arise in future situations.


A Lesson Learned: The Chris Controversy

– I had heard about Chris’s response video and were trying to come up with a way for it to be justified.

– The problem was that he was taking money from people without properly editing his book, which made it look like an exact copy of the original.

– Terry and I discussed ways to make this better but ultimately Chris had done something wrong regardless.

– We knew this wasn’t the end of someone’s career and should just result in a learning event, not further punishment or ramping up the situation worse than before.

– It seemed as though only one side of the story was being told at first, making everyone take sides based on assumptions.

– While what Chris did was wrong, we still wanted to maintain perspective on the severity of his actions; blackface would definitely have been much worse!

– Through speaking with others who had spoken directly to him we understood that he was working off incomplete information from research help so hadn’t properly edited his work and admitted fault himself through a video response online.


“The Plagiarism Penalty”

– I understand the challenges of purchasing written materials from freelancers, and making sure that all content is properly cited or has not been plagiarized.

– Chris admitted to having someone else’s material in his book and is now taking steps to edit out any references to it.

– Emails between Chris and Olga show a business relationship where he gave her a checklist for use with her blog post, which appears uncited in his book.

– When others were given Chris’ perspective on the situation, nobody cared about anything other than him being perceived as an “internet marketer” before all of this happened.

– This should warn everyone who gives out information that someone may try to mark them down, so they better be ready when it happens.

– For those publishing books on Amazon, there can be heavy financial penalties if you get caught plagiarizing

– make sure you wrote it yourself!


“No Mistake Is Final”

– In regards to Amazon and AI tools, it is not wise to “author” your book with the tool, be sure to keep original copies of work.

– Even if you are wrong in a situation or learning a hard lesson– don’t quit! Learn from the experience and come back better.

– People may tell you that your life/career is over after a mistake but don’t listen

– no one’s life is over for making a mistake.

– SEO checklists are often similar due to borrowing ideas

– they will remind you of basic meta information like title heading or schema but do not rely solely on them as they won’t save us all.


“The Unending SEO Checklist: A Tailored Approach”

– I recently read a blog post on SEO checklists that featured several points

– It made me think back to my own attempt at an exhaustive and authoritative SEO checklist years ago which was quite extensive

– However, after researching further I realized that the list would need around 10 000 checkpoints to be truly comprehensive

– Most of the items in these lists are basic reminders or marketing materials rather than anything revolutionary or game changing

– Additionally, it’s important to use your experience and professional judgment when creating custom plans for clients

– It’s easy to see why many of these checklists look comic as they are often not applicable in every situation or don’t take into account what services you can provide

– Ultimately, no one list will map perfectly with each client

– Therefore, it is important to create tailored strategies based on each particular case.

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