SEO Fight Club – Episode 168 – Cora 7 Data

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“Unlock Next-Level SEO Performance With Cora 7!”

– I’m providing an update on Cora 7, which is in beta testing and available to join by following the instructions on its page.

– There are lots of cool features like its local SEO capability, which measures over a thousand factors for map search.

– With the new version, Cora can look at individual keyword variations to assess how they perform on specific parts of a page.

– Data analysis has revealed that certain keyword variations within a multiple word phrase might be favored by Google more than other variations.


“The Favoritism Of Plurals: Testing For Better Results”

-I noticed favoritism of the plural form and amethyst over singular forms for keywords.

-The correlation coefficients indicate how strongly these words correlate to rank position in Google.

-Usage rate can be very high, even with a flat or zero correlation

– this might just be a “cost of entry”.

-Lee’s advice was to test pages with only one keyword, synonyms, or both to see what yields better results.

-My analysis showed that certain variations are favored over others, but the data isn’t clear enough to determine if bangle is actually damaging as an alternative form of bracelet.


“Unlock The Power Of Amethyst Silver Bracelets With Data-Driven Optimization”

– When it comes to keywords, amethyst silver bracelet makes more sense than just looking at silver bracelets because it’s more specific.

– Recent data has been discovered that can help us understand how Google parses out multi-word phrases and determine relevancy.

– We also have access to the Weaponizer API which is now much more robust than before with lots of useful information about technology components used on websites and their usage rates.

– Looking into niche technology components can be helpful when starting an online store

– for example Jquery themes, carts, analytics, tag manager and Facebook pixel all look like they are frequently used in ecommerce niches without impacting rankings too drastically.


“Diversifying Your Online Retail Marketing: The Essential Guide”

– I am exploring ways to diversify my marketing channels in online retail, with social media being a key focus point.

– Cloudflare is an interesting option but may be optional depending on the features one needs from it.

– Font Awesome appears to have a high usage rate and can help improve page speed optimization, though it does not appear to directly affect rankings.

– Enterprise services are more likely used by high authority sites due to their cost; which may suggest that these services can positively impact search engine rankings.

– If looking into business development opportunities, this could be a great list of potential service solutions for comparison against current offerings.


“Finding The Best Of Both Worlds: Exploring Data To Optimize Your Website”

-I recently found the “best of both” across all 100 that has some Enterprise services but also offers custom development.

-Bigger websites are likely to build custom stores rather than use Shopify or another option.

-Recently I looked at a map’s data overview sheet and found the correlation between Maps Factors, Low Sample rate (50 out of 100) and Top Factors Data as well as its keywords.

-Rating Review count and Photo Count seem to be important in Local SEO while Google may go industry by industry when it comes to what factors should be important for certain searches.

-Wheelchair accessibility is an early indication that could become more important in future searches, while having review/rating numbers as well as business hours data present is essential.


“Unearthing The Power Of Local Business Profiles”

-I’m excited to be looking at early data that suggests factor diversity in business profiles is an important component of local searches.

-It appears as though all the small profile settings could add up to something important, like Amazon optimization and completeness of product info impacting sales.

-The data I’m seeing shows that types and subtypes are an essential piece in terms of hitting the right type for a search.

-Some interesting map switches that correlate highly with local searches include: comfort food enabled, takeout enabled, delivery enabled, beer enabled and curbside pickup enabled.

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